5 Practical tricks to maximise office space

Relax: needing more office space isn’t automatically synonymous with investing in larger premises!

In fact, in most cases, your existing building offers more than you can currently notice: all you need to do is learn to maximise office space so that you can actually make the most of it.

1.   Start by reducing clutter

From coats to wires, you’d be surprised at how a combination of small, seemingly innocuous items can occupy precious office space and even affect productivity.

For example, you can start maximising your office space by:

●  Adding coat hooks as an alternative to forcing your employees to pile up jackets and scarves on the back of their chairs;

●  Introducing lockers (perhaps in corridors or passing areas) to store away their personal belongings safely rather than having them on the floor next to their desks;

●  Streamlining and covering messy wires;

●  Adopting project management software to get rid of objects like calendars and sticky-note covered boards.

2.   Think vertically with wall storage solutions

Freestanding cabinets and cupboards are a popular way of getting rid of clutter and filing documents properly.

However, if you’re trying to maximise office space, they could easily backfire: they’d actually end up using more of your floor real estate, emphasising this cramped effect.

Wall storage, on the contrary, uses the vertical space that you wouldn’t really know what else to do with.

For example, a custom-built shelving system for your premises will allow you to maximise your office space by making the most of its unique layout.

Consider installing a mobile shelving system so you can close the wasted aisle space up and create a suitable aisle to the required shelving run when required. These systems work well for archive storage where you do not need access to every location easily all the time. 

3.   Brighten up your office

Now, it might be the last thing you’d consider, but we’re dead serious: if you have poor lighting conditions, that might be why your office feels smaller and busier than it actually is.

As well as affecting productivity, this makes it harder to see its full potential and introduce other tricks to maximise office space.

The best solution is to increase natural lighting with more window space or glass doors.

Alternatively, if you need additional artificial solutions, introduce them in a smart, space-conscious way.

Instead of relying on lots of floor or desk lamps, consider ceiling and wall pendants, and try and stick to cooler LED lights.

4.   Be clever with your office furniture: keep it small, flexible, and smart

Because you probably require several desks, focusing on your furniture is one of the most important ways to create an efficient office space layout, no matter how small your premises are.

There are three simple ways to maximise office space with it:

●  Choose lighter-coloured furniture: it’ll make the room look airier;

●  Don’t use desks that are bigger than they actually need to be, especially if you’ve decided to follow our tips on removing lamps and replaceable physical objects. Instead, look for models that are the right size and, if needed, include extra storage space without increasing their width;

●  Choose flexible solutions like collapsible, movable, dual-use and modular furniture. From collaborative areas to desks with wheels, this will allow you to move them or rearrange them to suit your needs.

Not only will this help you maximise office space: by introducing more flexibility and autonomy, you’ll create an activity-based workspace, which improves productivity compared to old-style office cubicles.

5.   Double up on office space by introducing a mezzanine floor

If you didn’t get a lightbulb moment when we briefly mentioned it in the shelving section, let us say it louder for the people in the back: tapping into an unused vertical room is the game-changing secret to maximising your office space!

How? By introducing a mezzanine floor. If you’re not familiar with what a mezzanine floor is, it’s simply a custom-designed intermediate level in between your actual floor and the ceiling.

You can either use it to create more offices that can accommodate new employees or for additional meeting rooms and communal areas.

Even if you initially felt discouraged because your premises look small, we hope we’ve given you enough reassurance that there are actually lots of things you can do to maximise office space in your building!

At Raxel, we can help you in two main ways: by designing and installing the right shelving and/or mezzanine floor for your specific layout.Take the first step towards optimising your office space by giving us a call on 01476 569 392 or emailing us at sales@raxel.co.uk to tell us all about it!