7 Next-Level Benefits of a Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Much like the pumpkin that turns into a carriage or the faithful side-kick that comes to the hero’s rescue when everything seems lost, a warehouse mezzanine floor can be the game-changing solution that saves your day, especially if you thought you had no space left.

It will allow you to take your storage to the next level… literally!

Already familiar with what a mezzanine floor is?

Then let’s dive into the benefits of a mezzanine floor in a very specific setting: your warehouse.

1.    A warehouse mezzanine floor allows you to make the most of your unused vertical space

Warehouses: pretty tall, right?

Whether yours is extremely large or is starting to feel a bit tight, we wouldn’t be surprised if you happened to have a gap between the very top of your inventory and the ceiling.

By adding a new semi-permanent floor, a warehouse mezzanine will allow you to utilise it.

In other words, it will increase your square footage without actually extending your building’s footprint horizontally.

2.    It’s cheaper than relocating or investing in separate additional premises

The fact that a warehouse mezzanine floor increases your storage capacity means that you’ll save yourself a ton of money: you’ll no longer need to relocate or invest in separate premises.

Instead, once you’ve implemented this cheaper solution, you’ll be paying the exact same money while having more usable storage space, maximising operational efficiency.

3.    They’re semi-permanent, modular, and flexible structures

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what we’re going to eat tomorrow, let alone what our business needs will be in five years.

If you’re worried about investing in a warehouse mezzanine floor today because you’re not sure as to what your future storage needs will look like, don’t be.

One of the benefits of a mezzanine floor in a warehouse is that it’s a flexible solution:

  • Because it’s modular, you’ll be able to have some sections added or removed whenever needed;
  • Should you eventually decide to relocate for whatever reason, the fact that they’re semi-permanent means that you can take your warehouse mezzanine floor with you.

4.    It can be integrated with lifts and mechanical devices

When it’s correctly designed to match the unique layout and needs of your premises (just like we do at Raxel!), a warehouse mezzanine floor will still allow you to rely on forklifts, lifts, and other mechanical devices.

In fact, it will integrate them in a way that simplifies your operations even further.

5.    A warehouse mezzanine floor can be used in different ways

Depending on what type of warehouse mezzanine floor you decide to go for, you can use it to meet different needs:

  • Storage: this is the most obvious choice, providing additional space for stock management;
  • Workspace: if you wish to integrate your administrative and storage premises, you could use a warehouse mezzanine floor to introduce some offices directly above your stock area or vice versa;
  • Tiered mezzanine: you can save yourself even more money and floor space with a mezzanine consisting of multiple floors, maximising the use of your vertical space in particularly tall premises with the highest density of stock-picking units.

6.    A mezzanine floor adds value to your warehouse

If you own your current premises, we have great news: adding a warehouse mezzanine floor will increase your property value.

However, if you’re still renting, relax! These structures are usually exempt from additional rates.

7.    A warehouse mezzanine can be designed to match the unique layout of your premises

This is one of the most important benefits of warehouse mezzanine floors: they don’t consist of a one-size solution that might not work with the layout of your premises.

They can literally be designed to match your needs and floor space, maximising your available capacity in a way that streamlines your day-to-day operations.

That’s exactly what Raxel specialises in: tailored solutions for your specific working or storage space. Once we know more about your premises’ layout and storage requirements, we can help you figure out exactly what type of warehouse mezzanine floor can meet them.

No matter how small you think your current warehouse is, we’re confident we can give it a space-saving makeover with the right mezzanine floor.

Give us a call today on 01476 569392 or contact us at sales@raxel.co.uk: we can’t wait to show you your actual warehouse potential!