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8 Game-changing benefits of retail mezzanine floors

Is your shop floor starting to feel a bit claustrophobic? Do your customers always fail to spot a specific product simply because your displays are too crowded? With a retail mezzanine floor, you can forget about the limitations of your current premises… without investing in new ones!

To understand exactly how this cost-effective choice can improve your day-to-day operations and customer experience, check out the top benefits of a retail mezzanine floor.

  1. A retail mezzanine floor allows you to make the most of your store’s layout

Even though the chances are that we haven’t been in your shop (or have we?), we bet you’ve already used all the floor space that you could without compromising on customer experience.

However, we’re confident that, if you simply look up, you’ll find plenty of unused vertical space.

Some mezzanine flooring will turn it into a valuable retail area!

The main benefit of a mezzanine floor is, in fact, the increased floor space and, consequently, an additional area to display and sell even more products.

  1. It has an immediate aesthetic appeal

Retail mezzanine flooring is mainly known as a practical solution, but let’s be honest: it’ll probably be the first thing that your customers will notice when entering your shop.

By adding a new dimension to your display and enhancing your shop vertically, you’ll create visual impact.

A retail mezzanine floor is also a fantastic opportunity to unleash a higher degree of creativity from the way it’s designed to how you organise your displays around it.

  1. It improves customer experience

Introducing a new floor gives your customers more room to move from one display to another in your store.

Since you’ll have more sections to showcase your products, they’ll be able to browse them more easily and without creating as much congestion in your current high-traffic areas.

They’ll also appreciate being presented with a wider portion of your inventory without struggling to find each item because your shelves are all filled to the brim.

  1. Introducing retail mezzanine flooring is cheaper than relocating

If you’re seriously running out of space in your current store, you might have already considered moving to new premises.

However, as you’ve probably found out, this process is incredibly time-consuming, expensive, and logistically challenging.

On the contrary, investing in a retail mezzanine floor is considerably cheaper, faster, and easier.

  1. You’ll get an ROI super-quickly

The fact that retail mezzanine flooring is such a cost-effective solution means that it won’t be hard to make that money back.

Its very purpose facilitates this even further: because you’ll be able to display more products, you’re going to generate more sales, leading to a rise in revenues.

On top of that, a retail mezzanine floor can also add value to your property, which is always a plus.

  1. A retail mezzanine floor allows you to create a separate section

As well as introducing additional floor space, a retail mezzanine offers the perfect opportunity to organise it more efficiently.

Whether you want to divide your womenswear from menswear, a type of product, or even create a separate theme, your new retail mezzanine flooring will allow you to do so effectively.

  1. It’s a flexible structure

There are different ways to use a retail mezzanine floor in your shop. The most popular one is obviously to display more of your products, but you could even turn it into:

  • An additional storage area
  • A special showroom
  • A workshop
  • A staff area…

… or whatever it is that’s lacking in your current premises!

Another reason why retail mezzanine floors are flexible is that they’re a semi-permanent solution. Should you ever wish to tweak them or move to a new location, you can always have them disassembled and reassembled.

  1. It’s a customisable solution

One of our favourite benefits of retail mezzanine floors is the fact that each of them is unique.

At Raxel, we build them to our clients’ specifications and design them so that they fit perfectly with their store layout.

They can also match your store’s themes and palette, thereby helping you reinforce your brand recognition.

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