Environmental Policy

Raxel Storage Systems Ltd will as far as is reasonably practicable;

  • Operate in compliance with all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Minimise waste of materials and energy.
  • Recycle materials where possible.
  • Dispose of waste materials in a way that does not harm the environment, and if in doubt obtain expert advice.
  • Eliminate or reduce the use of any substances that are known to be harmful to the environment.
  • Consider the environmental impact of new investments.
  • Design new products in a way which will minimise their environmental impact in production, use and disposal.
  • Encourage employees, suppliers and customers to understand and honour their obligations to the environment.
  • Keep an awareness of the impact of our operations on our neighbours and the local community and maintain contact with them.
  • Consider the rights and opinions of others in managing our activities.
Misty mountain forest
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