Fine-tune your pallet stacking with Raxel

Stacking and storing your pallets correctly is vital for a safe and operational warehouse. Plus, pallet stacking is a game-changer when it comes to making the most of your available space… as long as you do it smartly!

Maximise your warehouse space with Raxel racking systems

Pallet stacking systems raxsax

You must combine correct pallet stacking with the right types of pallet racking systems for your premises and needs.

Pallet stacking design

Here are our tips for the safest pallet stacking design:

  1. Group the same type of pallets together (not only in size but, whenever you can, material, too)
  2. Keep them vertical, even if a horizontal pallet stacking design might save you more space: otherwise, you’d run the risk of them falling and potentially causing injuries 
  3. Place the heaviest pallets at the bottom
  4. Don’t stack them too high: aim for a cube-like shape rather than a rectangular tower
  5. Keep your forklift weight limitations in mind
  6. Never, ever stack damaged pallets!

Types of pallet racking systems

types of pallet stacking systems

To find the right warehouse storage solutions for you, consider your available space, the type of goods that you store, and your day-to-day logistics.

At Raxel, we offer different pallet racking systems:

  • Selective or adjustable pallet racking is the most popular option: since it consists of traditional metal shelving designed for pallet stacking and storing, it’s also the most versatile
  • Narrow pallet racking is a more suitable solution in smaller warehouses: by compromising on aisle width, it lets you fit a few more racks than traditional systems
  • Drive-in and drive-through racking takes the integration with mechanical devices to the next level by letting the pallets rest on the side-rails of an open surface (ideal for last-in-first-out models and pallet stacking that involves the same products)
  • Multi-tier pallet racking is a pallet stacking design involving several layers to optimise space in a tall warehouse with a limited floor area
  • Dynamic pallet racking systems are an innovative solution that can adapt to the specific requirements of warehouses where frequent restocking is key: push-back pallet racking relies on gravity to push down a new pallet whenever one is retrieved, pallet-live suits first-in-first-out systems with different loading and picking areas, mobile pallet racking is the highest-density solution thanks to electronically controlled racks on mobile bases, and shuttle pallet racking includes an automated shuttle that recovers pallets along a lane

You can find out even more about them in our article on the best types of pallet racking systems, or get in touch with the Raxel team: we’ll find the perfect pallet stacking trick for your specific needs.