Industrial warehouse storage solutions

Isn’t it ironic how warehouses are literally designed for storage and yet they always seem to run out of it sooner than we expected? Luckily, this can easily be solved with the best industrial warehouse storage solutions.

In fact, in most cases, the actual problem isn’t ‘space’ but rather the way it’s used or not fully optimised.

Creating the right storage solution for your business

Every industrial setting is different both when it comes to layout and specific needs. That’s why it’s important to find the right industrial warehouse storage solutions for your unique situation.

Selecting the right design for your project

We know what you’re thinking: ‘I need more space.’

However, this can mean different things in terms of industrial warehouse storage solutions, such as mezzanine floors or warehouse racking & shelving.

Try and narrow it down by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you need more storage space for goods that will be accessed via mechanical devices or handpicked?
  • If you’re tight on floor space, do you happen to have a fairly high ceiling?

Now that you have a better understanding of your situation and storage requirements, here are different solutions for them.

Discover our range of warehouse storage solutions

At Raxel, we offer three main types of industrial warehouse storage solutions:

  • Our pallet racking systems are perfect for larger goods that are accessed via forklifts. We have different types of pallet racking systems, each of them helping you optimise your floor space and make your day-to-day operations easier depending on your requirements
  • Our shelving systems will allow you to store and organise smaller and lighter items that your warehouse staff can pick up without relying on mechanical devices (if you’re torn between the two, check out the difference between warehouse racking & shelving)
  • Our mezzanine floors will introduce an additional layer in between your floor and the ceiling, allowing you to make the most of all that wasted space above your existing pallet racking & shelving systems. You could even use it to create some offices or separate rooms in your warehouse. Find out more about the benefits of a warehouse mezzanine floor

Finally, if none of the first three options matches your current situation, don’t worry: we also offer specialised projects for more technical storage and handling requirements.

Whether you’ve already identified the right types of industrial warehouse storage solutions for your premises or you could do with a hand, get in touch!

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you. You’ll be surprised when you discover your actual warehouse potential! Contact us today.