Mezzanine floors

If you are looking to create new offices, production and storage areas to meet business expansion plans, then a mezzanine floor may be the most cost effective solution, avoiding the need to relocate and incur associated expensive costs.

Mezzanine floors are fully demountable steel structures used in either single or multi-tier configurations, to provide comparatively low cost additional floor space by utilising existing overhead space in industrial and commercial buildings.

Raxel’s extensive knowledge of designing and installing mezzanine floors enables them to handle total projects – from site survey; CAD drawings with necessary stress calculations to obtaining local authority approval on your behalf.

Conveyors, lifts and pallet gates can be installed along with various storage and shelving options in order to optimise the efficient use of the mezzanine floor area.

Raxel can provide full building services to include fire rating of commercial office and industrial partitioning, suspended ceilings, power, lighting and zonal fire detection / protection systems, complete with carpeting and furnishings to meet customer’s specific requirements.