Mezzanine Floors

Commercial Mezzanine floors

Have you considered installing a mezzanine floor? If not, take a look at the options before committing to relocating to bigger premises. There are many advantages of installing it – the main one being that it can literally change the shape and size of your business premises overnight. Take a look at this timelapse video to see what is possible!

Benefits of installing a mezzanine floor

If you are considering business expansion plans, you may not necessarily need to relocate to create more available space. By installing a mezzanine floor, you can turn wasted vertical space into valuable production, storage or workspaces. Take a look skywards and see your opportunities…

Making use of your vertical space

It is made of steel and can be designed to withstand a weight of up to 3,000kg per square metre. So it’s a great way of maximising the height of your building and all the unused vertical space. Read the latest blog from Raxel to find out more about mezzanine floors.

Cost-effective flooring solutions

If you’ve outgrown your space, there is a quick and simple alternative to relocation at a fraction of the cost. Raxel’s extensive knowledge of designing and installing mezzanine floors enables them to handle total projects – from site survey; CAD drawings with necessary stress calculations to obtaining local authority approval on your behalf. So get in touch so they can help design and deliver a bespoke solution for you.

Mezzanine floors are easy to install, modify and remove

Raxel’s products are fully demountable steel structures that can be used in either single or multi-tier configurations. They are designed to optimise existing overhead space in industrial and commercial buildings. Because these structures are easy to install and dismantle, Raxel’s mezzanine floors can be as flexible as your requirements. Additional storage facilities Conveyors, lifts and pallet gates can be installed along with various storage and shelving options in order to optimise the efficient use of a floor area.
Mezzanine Floors

What are mezzanine floors used for?

You’ve heard how you can quickly and cost-effectively increase storage capacity with the installation of a mezzanine floor, however, you can, of course, create additional office space, ensuring that your employees all have adequately distanced workspaces.

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How Raxel can help

Raxel can provide full building services to include fire rating of commercial office and industrial partitioning, suspended ceilings, power, lighting and zonal fire detection/protection systems, complete with carpeting and furnishings to meet your specific requirements.

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