Pallet Racking Inspections

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No matter how well constructed your pallet racking is, it will gradually suffer damage over time.

Repeated interaction by material handling equipment while moving pallets around the site causes gradual wear and tear, even with the most careful operatives behind the wheel. If left unchecked, minor damage can snowball into a serious safety concern and could lead to structural collapse or personal injury.

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 98, it is a legal requirement that your storage systems are surveyed annually by a competent person.

Benefits of pallet racking inspections

Regular pallet racking inspections help to:

  • Ensure compliance with PUWER 98
  • Avoid costly fines or lawsuits for non-compliance
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries
  • Prevent damage to stored goods
  • Reduce maintenance costs by catching problems early
  • Maintain operational capability and safety
  • Ensure the reliability of recommended load-bearing capacities

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What does pallet racking inspection involve?

An inspection engineer will assess the condition of your pallet racking installation and highlight any potential concerns before leaving the site.

The inspector will advise you whether racking is undamaged and safe for use, whether it has suffered more serious damage that may require attention at a later date, or whether it has been severely damaged and should be immediately offloaded and taken out of use.

They will provide you with a written report detailing their findings and advising on any necessary remedial measures required to bring any equipment into line with relevant Health & Safety and legislative requirements. The report will also include a no-obligation quote for RAXEL to carry out any repair or replacement work.

Fully accredited pallet racking inspections

RAXEL’s qualified inspection engineers have been trained to follow all relevant Health & Safety guidelines, as well as having up-to-date knowledge of industry best practice.

To ensure that our customers receive the best possible service, we’re members of the storage industry’s most widely respected regulatory bodies.

Pallet racking inspections - Sema Approved InspectorSeirs Registration Scheme


RAXEL is a member of the SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) and employs a SEMA-approved inspector of racking systems.

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) is the British National Committee of FEM Racking & Shelving (Formerly known as the European Racking Federation or ERF). By promoting the safe design, installation and usage of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by its members, SEMA ensures safety, reliability and value for money for customers.

SEMA-approved installers and inspectors

RAXEL employs SEMA-approved engineers to undertake pallet racking inspections.

Every SEMA member must either achieve or be committed to achieving certification to BS EN ISO 9000. This must also be in line with a Quality Assessment Schedule (QAS 2000) dealing with the specific requirements of design, manufacture and installation of the products that they supply.

Through regular assessment, SEMA is able to ensure that members provide high-quality products, systems and designs. They also monitor the service provided, helping customers to benefit from the excellent standards of delivery across the industry as a whole.

Book your pallet racking inspection

Get in touch to book a pallet racking inspection for your facility and ensure that your equipment is safe and fit for purpose.

How does SEMA membership benefit customers?

As a SEMA member, you can be sure that RAXEL provides high-quality products, designs and services at all stages of project delivery.

This allows our customers to benefit from:

  • Quality storage equipment products and systems that meet their requirements
  • Products designed, manufactured, installed and tested in accordance with recognised safety standards
  • Consistent levels of product and service quality
  • Third-party assessment of storage equipment manufacturing and installation
  • Increased confidence in products and services supplied by RAXEL


RAXEL installers are SEIRS approved, showing our dedication to the continual improvement and upholding of safety standards within the storage equipment industry.

SEIRS, or the Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme, exists to improve standards in the storage equipment industry. This means ensuring adequate safety standards and legislation to monitor product design, manufacture and installation.

This registration scheme allows contractors to undertake industry-specific training to ensure that their work adheres to all relevant safety guidelines and best practice.

SEIRS-approved installers and inspectors

Rather than an entire company being accredited by a regulatory body, SEIRS applies to individual installers only. By becoming SEIRS approved, storage installation contractors are able to demonstrate knowledge of health and safety and best practice. The SEIRS installation guideline covers product design and assembly and has been developed with close attention to safety and best practice in the installation of racking, shelving and other storage products. The scheme focuses on three key components to ensure safety:
  • Developing codes of practice and guidelines for all aspects of the storage industry
  • Delivering specific safety training courses for the storage industry
  • Provision of an ID card and registration system

How does SEIRS benefit customers?

SEIRS qualification offers a number of benefits across the full supply chain. In particular, it offers reassurance to customers that a contractor is qualified to undertake the installation.

By choosing a SEIRS-approved installer, customers benefit from:

  • Reassurance of safe, professional installation
  • A means of verifying recognised safety qualifications
  • Installation that adheres to SEMA guidelines and codes of practice
  • Up-to-date knowledge of health and safety and best practice
There’s no obligation to engage RAXEL to carry out any necessary remedial action uncovered by the survey, but as qualified and experienced manufacturers, designers and installers of pallet racking, you can count on us to provide a comprehensive repair and replacement service.

Book your pallet racking inspection

Get in touch to book a pallet racking inspection for your facility and ensure that your equipment is safe and fit for purpose.