From Bulk Stack Storage to Pallet Racking Storage


How do you get from Bulk Stack Storage  to Pallet Racking Storage? This was one question that Raxel solved for a customer in one of our latest projects.

So where do we start?

We started with a site visit to get a better understanding of what our customer wanted from moving from Bulk Stack to Pallet Racking. On our first visit, we put together a sketch of the building and the area in which the customer wanted the racking.

After our first visit

Once back in the office, we started to look at the available space and we plotted it out in AutoCad®. Once we had the area/ building set out in AutoCad® we then looked at laying racking out within the area and trying options for different layouts. The way we look at creating the layout is influenced by different factors. This can vary from one customer to another but on most projects the number of pallets and the direction of travel (whether pallets come in to the warehouse the same way the pallets go out the warehouse) are the most common factors that pop up when designing the layout.

Layout Approved & Ordering

Getting the layout approved by the customer is the most important part. This can take a few revisions of the drawing to ensure that the customer is 100% happy with the option we have provided for them.

Once the layout is approved and the customer is happy with our costings, we go ahead and order the racking from one of our suppliers. With this particular order, we were able to get the racking shipped to site in around 3 weeks.

Continued below…..

Installation of racking

Once we knew the racking was on site, we were able to book one of our SEIRS trained crews to go in and install the racking with a nice open space to do the install in. This customer initially wanted 60% of the racking installed and for us this was not an issue. Within a few days the customer was able to start to using the racking to store the palletised goods. A project engineer from Raxel will visit the site at the start of the install and any necessary subsequent visits if required.

Once the customer wanted the second phase of the racking installing, we went back in and again within a few days they were able to start to load the new section of racking.

Customer Approval

Once the racking and racking accessories have been installed, we always get the customer’s approval and with the help of modern technology, we are able to provide a paperless handover/completion certificate whereby the customer can file that away.

Thank you for your time, and reading about one of our latest projects. If there is anything you feel that Raxel could help you with, feel free to contact us on our contact page or call 01476 569392.