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Bristol pallet racking

Raxel storage systems of Lincolnshire have recently been awared a contract with a major high street retailer to assist them with the closure of their Bristol distribution centre and the re-location of their pallet racking to Nottinghamshire.

Their current 250,000 sg/ft Bristol site consists of block stack and 2400 pallet positions within pallet racking. This Bristol element requires all the pallet racking and in rack sprinkler systems to be stripped out and the remaining fire protection systems returned to an insruance approved state. All the pallet racking will then be re-loacted to their Notttinghamshire warehouse and re-installed offering 2400 pallet positions. The new installation also requires the installation of new sprinkler systems, lighting, pallet location labels and upright protection.

As the project falls within the notifiable requirments of the Construction Design Management Regs  Raxel were also awared the role of principal contractor at both sites.

Raxel specialise in re-location projects of all sizes and locations. If you are looking to move why not give us a call.

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