VNA installation for 3PL

Racking be stripped out
Raxel Storage Systems of Lincoln have recently completed a large relocation for a major 3PL. The project required the strip out of approximatley 8500No pallet positions of pallet racking from a site which was being closed down. All racking had to be banded and loaded onto the customers trailers ready for the move to the new site.
Building phase


As a requirement of the project Raxel had to design the new layout around the exisitng racking system, the specification of the VNA trucks, sprinkler systems and the building columns. In addition to the layout constraints we also had to accomodate 8500 pallets of varying heights.

Completed install with anti-collapse meshing


The project was carried out under the CDM regulations with all contractors working closely with each to ensure the project was carried out and completed safely two weeks ahead of schedule.

If you have any racking you are looking to re-locate or sell please call us.

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