Specialised Projects

Over the years, Raxel has utilised its experience and technical capability to respond to some of the most challenging projects and provide innovative solutions to storage and materials handling requirements.

Some examples of the ‘bespoke’ projects include:-

  • Complete Warehouse Re-furbishment – including removal and re-configuration of existing equipment, plus a complete interface with our clients and their workforce to allow installation of new equipment and systems, whilst allowing everyday operations to continue.
  • Bulk Store & Order Fulfilment – combining bulk Pallet Live and Carton Storage to optimise on space available, provide accurate ‘first’ in ‘first-out’ stock rotation/ inventory, and increase order picking efficiencies
  • Carpet Storage – specially designed 4 metre deep racking system.
  • Powered Pallet Conveyor & Elevator – combined to provide safe and efficient handling of pallets at ground and raised floor levels.
  • Special Purpose Floors and Finishes – working with an associate company, RAXEL have co-ordinated the laying of floors to meet various customer criteria.