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It bends but it never breaks, ensuring full safety!

If you are looking for a permanent solution to safely, efficiently and persistently protect the doors, walls or equipment of your facilities, providing for safety and hygiene of your structures and machinery, you will find what you need within the range of STOMMPY® Shockproof products.

You can finally say goodbye to costly waste of time, damages, challenging maintenance services, serious problems of health and safety.

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OSHA Guidelines in USA and equivalent institutions in Canada, UK, Australia and Europe clearly state Top Management’s involvement in all aspects of Health & Safety Management. Organizing Human & Vehicles Traffic Flow effectively inside a facility is crucial to productivity.

SHE Managers all over the World are aware that it is always cheaper to protect people than manage the consequences of accidents at workplaces. At the same time, choosing the correct product to build up the right protection application has no clear method. For this reason, STOMMPY® introduced a very precise method on how to select and apply products for effective Pedestrian Protection. To achieve this, Impact Safety Risk shall be calculated by verifying what type of vehicle is used inside a facility and at what average speed it travels. Applications shall be implemented correctly to maximize benefits.

  1. Save human lives.
  2. Save on what could be excessively expensive consequences of compensating an injured employee.
  3. Save on floor damage in case of an impact.
  4. Ultimate hygienic levels for food and pharmaceutical industries.
  5. Prevent interrupting production.
  6. Mitigate biomechanical risks to which a driver is exposed during an impact.
  7. If bended after an impact, change only the threaded rod to restore the Impact Safety Barrier to its original status after an impact. The operation is cheap, fast and easy.
  8. Possibility to extend Warranty on products and floor up to 10 years.


Safety as high visibility; resistance as flexibility

With an unmatched efficacy, STOMMPY® Urban line is the best assistance on the traffic areas and road access, signaling possible dangers in industrial areas and ensuring a level of visibility and impact resistance that are exceptionally high.
No more creation of rust, no more expensive re-painting procedures imposed by security standards, no more costs for replacing the traditional bollards that are irreparably destroyed after an accidental bump.
With STOMMPY ® Urban, a new range of flag bollards has been created, resistant to violent shocks, but always perfectly visible. Whether you want to work safely, or just save time and money, the answer is in the line of STOMMPY® Urban

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When Health and Safety are at risk, make sure you have the highest level of protection!

When Health and Safety are at risk, make sure you have the highest level of protection!
STOMMPY® Hygiene is the ultimate solution for protecting or renewing environments in a fast, safe and cost-effective way.
STOMMPY ® Hygiene is a whole-range system of studied solutions for renovation and protection of working environments that require the highest level of hygiene, offering sheets for cladding walls and ceilings, shockproof buffers for resin floors, sanitary profiles, half-height shockproof bumpers as well as rounded sanitary profiles for an exceptional sealing area between the pavement and the wall.

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