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Types of industrial pallet racks

From narrow aisles to gravity-based models, there are several different types of industrial pallet racks out there (and in our warehouses!).

Take the time to figure out the key features and benefits of each of them so that you can confidently invest in the right one for your specific business and industrial, production, or commercial setting.

5 most common types of industrial pallet racks

1. Selective or adjustable industrial pallet storage racks

Selective or adjustable industrial pallet storage racks

Sometimes, the simplest and most traditional solutions are still the best.

The most popular type of industrial pallet racks is a versatile option for warehouses without too many special requirements.

Still, selective or adjustable pallet racks are obviously designed to work in integration with your forklifts and other mechanical devices, speeding up your storage operations.

2. Narrow aisle pallet racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking

If you quite liked the sound of the first model but are worried that your warehouse isn’t large enough to fit enough of these bad boys, narrow aisles will fix it.

This space-saving solution will allow you to introduce a few more aisles even in a narrower setting by compromising on the width between racks.

3. Drive-in or drive-through industrial pallet racks

Drive-in or drive-through industrial pallet racks

Involving open surfaces and some rails on their sides, this clever alternative will streamline the day-to-day running of your warehouse by taking the integration with mechanical devices to the next level.

If your warehouse is full of sets of pallets containing the same type of product or follows a last-in-first-out system, this is probably the best type of industrial pallet racks for you.

4. Multi-tier pallet racking

Multi-tier pallet racking

While it’s easy to think horizontally when it comes to aisles, multi-tier models are the perfect solution for businesses that think outside the box… and with warehouses featuring a particularly high ceiling, of course.

In fact, they result in several layers connected by stairs or lifts but still compatible with mechanical devices. Multi-tier racks are also ideal to separate different stock-keeping units and sections.

5. Dynamic racking systems

Dynamic racking system

Does your warehouse have extremely specific requirements? Then you should consider one of these more advanced, cutting-edge types of dynamic industrial metal pallet racks:

  • Push-back racking systems to optimise space and speed up unloading operations by relying on gravity
  • Pallet-live racks to perfect any first-in-first-out system
  • Mobile pallet racking if your warehouse is too small even for narrow aisle solutions
  • Shuttle pallet racking to streamline your picking operations even further by employing a shuttle and controlling it via a remote

Raxel storage systems & products

At Raxel we offer all the above-mentioned types of industrial pallet racking systems, so you’ll never need to compromise when looking for your next storage solution.

Choosing the right pallet racking for your business

When it comes to warehouses, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer: what matters the most is finding the right type of industrial pallet racks for your specific situation.

We hope that our breakdown has given you a clearer idea as to what this should look like for you.

However, whether you’ve already decided or still have a few doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch: our team will be happy to recommend the right solution for your warehouse after learning more about your unique needs.