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VNA Pallet Racking Solution

Revolutionizing Warehouse Efficiency with VNA Pallet Racking Solutions

Raxel Storage Systems recently revolutionised a major blue-chip company’s warehouse by replacing an outdated wide aisle system with a cutting-edge Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) pallet racking solution. This project, carried out in Lincolnshire, was designed to maximise space efficiency without expanding the existing footprint.

Tailored Design for Optimal Space Utilization

The bespoke VNA system was meticulously planned to accommodate a new pallet size, optimising storage capacity and accessibility. The reconfiguration not only preserved valuable warehouse space but also improved the overall flow and organisation of goods.

Enhanced Safety and Durability

Raxel’s commitment to safety and quality was evident as all racking systems were equipped with upgraded sprinkler protection, including new high-level feeds and valve sets. Additionally, conventional steel barriers were replaced with STOMMPY flexible barriers, an award-winning solution ideal for protecting high-risk zones from potential impacts.

Seamless Project Execution

Despite the complexity of the installation, the project was executed seamlessly during regular working hours. Raxel’s proficient management under CDM2015 standards as the principal contractor and designer ensured minimal disruption to daily operations.

Beyond Installation

In addition to the physical racking systems, Raxel enhanced operational efficiency by providing new location labels and improving rack-end barriers. This comprehensive approach not only streamlined warehouse operations but also reinforced safety protocols.

If your business requires a sophisticated racking solution or modifications to an existing system, contact Raxel to discover how our VNA pallet racking solutions can transform your storage strategy.

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